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Our campaigns help support some of the most vulnerable children in Sri Lanka.



Our 'Hearts Beat Together' Campaign launched at the House of Commons in June 2018. We advocate at the highest level in Sri Lanka, to ensure that children living in orphanages, reclaim their rights, and grow up in a family which provides them with the love, care and stability they need.


Our girl's empowerment campaign aims to empower 100 institutionalised girls to reach their full potential, lifting them out of poverty to support their own families, reduce child abandonment and become better functioning members of society. We provide art, music, drama, dance and empowerment classes and vocational training to include sewing, computing, English lessons and baking.  

Poor families in Sri Lanka are now trapped between the threat of the Coronavirus and hunger. The strict curfews have meant no work, no income and no food for daily wage earners, and children are now at serious risk of malnutrition. We are providing emergency food parcels to help families survive together, and keep vulnerable children out of harmful orphanages and at home where they belong.

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