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While advocating to end institutionalisation, and promoting family care alternatives,

it is essential to give children in orphanages the care and love they need and dignity they deserve for healthy brain development,

which will ensure more successful reintegration into families, ability to concentrate academically and form future long term relationships 


In August 2019 we completed the first specialist Childcare training programme for housemothers in a state institution and opened an orphanage preschool for 3 to 5 year olds to introduce early learning development skills, based on our successful TFT International Preschool model.

This has greatly improved the childrens day to day well being, stimulation and happiness which will result in more successful adulthoods and reduce the chances of abandoning their own children in orphanages in the future, which frequently happens.



We also provide children with special needs with physio and speech therapy and supply sports equipment, arrange activity days, vocational training and employment opportunities for older institutionalised children.

Since it its creation TFT have been committed to improving conditions and raising standards in institutions while at the same time identifying children who can be reunited with their families.

As a respected Sri Lankan registered charity TFT has built strong relationships and trust over many years to work closely with National Childcare Services, while managing our funds directly at all times.


Empowering 100 Disadvantaged Sri Lankan Girls

TFT is giving a voice to institutionalised children who survive alone and afraid and are denied access to their basic human rights of love and education. This institution houses 100 young girls from 10 years old, some who are mothers, have suffered rape, abuse, and rejection from their families. They are locked up for punishment and protection and released at 18 years old with little or no education or self worth. This project creates the gift of life skills and qualifications to build a future.

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