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We recognise that in poverty-stricken areas education becomes a luxury not a basic right.

Since 2008 TFT has ensured that children from both the institutions we work with and the local community

have access to education by providing them with the often unaffordable books, bags, pens and pencils.


We believe education is the key to giving all children a positive future and less chance

of being forced into the heartbreaking decision of abandoning their own children.

TFT has provided more than 30,000 parcels of school books since 2009 and this year alone has provided

3500 books for underprivileged children to go to school in the Galle District (Southern Province)

including a School for the Deaf & Blind and Jaffna (North Province) 




Mercury Holidays - TFT International Pre-School


Early learning is fundamental to a child's development, and many families from poor rural areas cannot afford Preschool education for their children. Often a child is abandoned as parents need to work to survive and believe this is in the best interest of the baby.


Martin Bugeja and Mercury Holidays have our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable support, which made the establishment of TFT International Preschool possible in 2015. In 2022, their continued generosity led to the renaming of the institution to Mercury Holidays- TFT International Preschool, in recognition of our deep appreciation for their unwavering commitment … to provide affordable education and childcare for working parents and also the unique opportunity to learn English through play from 3 years old. Now the parents are also learning from their children.


All TFT preschool children are provided with schoolbooks throughout their education if needed

and scholarship places are available to the poorest families.

Local banks open accounts and give a small donation to all the children.


In 2016, the school expanded to 84 children increasing from 37 in 2015, and a new classroom was built.

Teaching standards here are exceptional and in 2017, we were awarded a Grade B status from the Ministry of Education

which is rare outside of the large cities. We welcome volunteers to come and share their teaching experience and knowledge.


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