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Poor families in Sri Lanka are now trapped between the threat of the Coronavirus and hunger. The strict curfews have meant no work, no income and no food for daily wage earners, and children are now at serious risk of malnutrition. We are providing emergency food parcels to help families survive together, and keep vulnerable children out of harmful orphanages and at home where they belong.

Please help Feed a Family during this crisis

Masks are now compulsory in many places so why not feel good about protecting your health, by providing an income to women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka who are escaping domestic abuse, and feel good that all proceeds are helping to keep young girls safe, educated and out of orphanages at the same time. Feel good and feel beautiful for only £15 with a free upcycled saree bag thrown in so you never need to buy another plastic bag! The perfect gift.


Please share to friends and contact our fantastic supporter Carole Ann Geddes who is kindly handling sales through her fashion business.


Text: 07799072427

No work, no income, no sustenance.

Poverty-stricken families barely survive at the best of times. They live in tiny houses with leaking roofs and in small broken huts without electricity or sanitation in rural jungle areas. They are loving parents who cannot afford the books needed to send their children to school and pass exams, and so another cycle of poverty begins.


Long school closures have meant that many children are now at risk of malnutrition.












With your help, TFT has been able to offer these families a lifeline over the last few years by providing schoolbooks to 3000 of their children to enable an education, and help lift them out of poverty as well as their future generations to come, and achieve our aim to reduce child abandonment.

We now have heartwarming case studies of children who have completed their education, have jobs and are helping to support their families.

These children are often the first generation in their families to go to school and the immense gratitude and appreciation which we receive on your behalf is truly humbling, and we do not want to let them down.

With our limited reserves, we have already provided over 1000 emergency food parcels and urgently need to raise £25,000 as a starting point to feed 3000 children and families over the next couple of months, and keep children like Elisha, Anoja, Shanatakumara, Senaka, Nirvini, Chapi, Chandini, Sandaruwa, Sharlika, Piyumi and many more out of orphanages, which are at extreme risk of the Covid 19 virus spreading quickly with already overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. 

We can't do it without your support. Help us protect a generation from COVID-19.  Please donate today.

Your support will help keep children alive, protected and learning. If we act fast, communities will be prepared and resilient, and together, we can help families get through this. 

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