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Hearts Beat Together Campaign

The aim of our campaign is to ensure that children living in orphanages, reclaim their rights,

and grow up in a family which provides them with the love, care and stability they need.

We are working with the Sri Lankan National Child Care Services to close orphanages

 by developing alternative family care and a new child care system that will put families first. 


Through the work of our campaign we will promote parental care and prevent family separation, ensure children are cared for in appropriate settings, make certain that care meets individual children’s needs and laws and policies reflect children’s best interests.


To meet these aims, working with global partners our activities include:
- Raising standards of care in existing orphanages (including training staff in good practice)

- Family and community strengthening and abandonment prevention activities

- Family reunification facilitation, support and training

- Parenting workshops and support to become self-sustaining

- Foster and kinship care training and support

- Working with government in the introduction of quality alternative care


With no alternative family care systems currently in place, children are automatically sent to orphanages without consideration of the potential support a family might need to stay together. 

In partnership with the government, we have created a model that stops automatic institutionalisation and reduces the number of children living in orphanages. Our programme seeks to reunite children with their families when possible or find them foster families when appropriate. We are working to prevent abandonment in the community by engaging and supporting local communities and promoting the benefits of family-based care.


We aim to empower and strengthen at-risk families to create a safe and nurturing home that is economically secure and where children can thrive.


We identify and assess the needs of children and families by assisting with fostering and adoption through the courts, finding places for children in local schools, and providing vocational training and support.
Every child needs to feel safe, loved and wanted - our success stories speak for themselves



For our hearts to beat together to shine a light, raise awareness and take action for children in orphanages in Sri Lanka and give them the love, care and lives they deserve.

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