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On discovering 90% of children in Sri Lankan child institutions had one living parent, TFT started tackling the root causes of child abandonment and have been working closely with the Sri Lanka Government’s National Childcare Protection and Probation services and local NGOS to end child institutionalisation. There is limited knowledge, and thus application, of fostering and alternative care provision in Sri Lanka. TFT is working with key government stakeholders and departments to foster a greater understanding of alternative care provision in Sri Lanka and help Sri Lanka meet its commitments under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Belonging is a basic need, and in order to change lives for the many and not just the few, we are committed to providing global alternative family and foster care knowledge and training from grassroots to the national level to plant the seeds of cultural and social change


In June 2018 we launched our “Hearts Beat Together” Campaign at the House of Commons to raise awareness that every child according to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, has the right to grow up in a family with love and protection, and not in institutions which are known to be harmful.

In just one year, we're thrilled to share news of a groundbreaking achievement: the first alternative care policy since the UNCRC. Shaped by TFT, this policy marks a pivotal shift, ensuring improved outcomes for children facing institutional placement. Our dedication to enhancing orphanage conditions remains unwavering, driven by targeted resources and robust training.

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