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Click the donate button above and the money you donate will transform the lives of children in Sri Lanka and bring us closer to a day where every child gets an education and grows up in a loving, stable family, or you can contact us using the boxes below to let us know if you would like to volunteer at our projects, or participate in a fundraising.

You are about to do something amazing. Thank you.


Preschool Food Day
Supported Families

Christmas cards: Writing up your Christmas card list? Why not send some of ours all made on recycled cards? Not doing physical Christmas cards? Why not send an electronic card and donate the money you would have spent on Christmas cards to TFT – saving trees and supporting our work all in one go?

Organise a festive online Christmas quiz: Distance doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. You can use Zoom, or Skype (or any video calling software!), create a festive slideshow and share your screen with the players wherever they are. You just need to sort a time and a few prizes and you’re ready to go!

Throw a party: Host a mulled wine and cheese party in your home. Get everyone to put on their best Christmas outfits and pay a donation for coming along.

Organise a fun Christmas crafts session: If you have a skill that your friends have been pestering you to teach them, or a joint interest then why not host and ask for a small donation?! It really could be anything from a yoga session, a Christmas craft lesson or a paint-by-numbers evening with prosecco!

Secret Santa: If you have an annual Secret Santa get-together with your friends, why not suggest making a small donation for as much as you may have spent on a drink during the evening out celebrating?  Depending on the group of friends, this could be a little or a lot!

Run a Santa Dash: There are lots of 5km Santa Fun Runs over the Christmas period up and down the country. Why not get a few people together and burn off that Christmas dinner, raising money as you go?

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