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The mission of TFT is to end the institutionalisation and suffering of vulnerable children disadvantaged through poverty in Sri Lanka.


Our long term vision is to see poverty reduced, communities empowered and lives transformed to end institutionalisation and introduce a foster care system so that every child can reclaim their human right to grow up in a family. 

Our aim is simple, from birth to adulthood, we support children across Sri Lanka.

"No child should live in poverty"

From early parental intervention to stop neglect and abuse, through to fostering, adoption and reuniting families, we work tirelessly to make the children of Sri Lanka's lives better, forever. A small grassroots organisation supporting one of the poorest and most socially deprived areas in the world, our aim is to reach the forgotten and give them a chance to be remembered.

The approach of Their Future Today is different from other charitable organisations. Its personal vision has been to simply identify areas of need, then actively and directly spend funds raised to achieve maximum impact to individuals, and maintain longevity, consistency and sustainability in this support. We work transparently and cost-effectively as a non-political, non-sectarian and not for profit organisation. 



In the midst of need and devastation after the Asian tsunami, our Founder Lynn Stanier MBE picked up a tiny baby called Piyumi who had been screaming incessantly in a filthy cot in an orphanage.  Immediately, little Piyumi stopped crying and she felt that in some tiny way she had helped her.   “In that moment, I knew that I couldn’t walk away.  However small my contribution would be, I knew it would be worthwhile, and Their Future Today was born.”


Their Future Today's story


Ten Years of Giving
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