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Lynn Stanier MBE FRSA

Founder & Chief Executive - UK

From 2001, Lynn organized the first youth county cricket tours from the UK to Sri Lanka, as well as weddings, honeymoons and cultural tours of the island. She returned as a volunteer after the Asian tsunami in February 2005 and has since fundraised tirelessly dedicating her focus on ending institutionalization and in the meantime improving quality of care and conditions, reuniting families, supporting disadvantaged families to prevent abandonment and providing education and vocational training to change the cycle of poverty, and as a result, reduce child abandonment in the future.

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Roshan Rajitha

Project Manager - Sri Lanka

Roshan first contacted us in 2011 to help in registering TFT in Sri Lanka. In 2021, he rejoined us and continued to be with us till now. He is a lecturer at the Open University of Sri Lanka and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management(CIPM). He also works as a freelance journalist. He has been contributing to programs conducted by TFT for school education development and livelihood development in Sri Lanka.

"I have always believed in the quote by Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”. Thus I presume that I have the opportunity to serve the Sri Lankan education system with the support of TFT."



Joel Stanier

General Manager - UK 

Joel started working with TFT in 2005 when he assisted with the first fundraising events. At 13 years old he wrote a script, and put together a short promotional film to help raise money for TFT at one of the annual events. Link here.

At 16 he was manning stalls at local events such as Small Charity Week in London, as well as Sunbury Regatta, at 18 he started working as TFT's apprentice in business and administration. Now he works full time to pursue the vision of TFT, towards a future where no child gets left behind, and make sure that children stay in families.

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Michelle Wong

Secretary of Trustees & Trustee

Michelle started her career as a speech therapist working with children with disabilities. She dedicated herself to inclusive education and equal opportunities for marginalised children. She volunteered in six Asian countries and interned with the United Nations in Laos and the development organisation Christian Blind Mission UK, focusing on advocacy, research and projects. She also holds a master's in Education, Health Promotion, and International Development from University College London. 


Currently, she applies her expertise in education and health project management at a local organisation for children with disabilities. Inspired by the Young Trustee Movement, she aspires to join TFT, leveraging her experiences in education, work and volunteering to advocate for children's rights in Sri Lanka.



Ryan Stanier


Ryan Stanier was part of the initial visit to Sri Lanka post-tsunami. Overwhelmed by the extensive need he saw there, he has been pro-active in the launch of TFT and helped reunite the first family. His knowledge and expertise in events and ongoing fund-raising efforts has successfully helped us raise the money to support our ongoing projects . 


"TFT is dedicated to improving the lives of these children and building a future for them. We are now seeing the results of this vision and are focused on improving the lives of many more children."



Tamanna Talukder


Tamanna Talukder has lived amongst some of the poorest communities in the world and worked for international organisations which tackle root causes of poverty.  She has contributed critical support to vulnerable parts of society working with local partners sharing knowledge to support resolution of domestic challenges.

"TFT's mission to improve opportunities for children resonates with me on several levels and it is both a pleasure and privilege for me to join the team as a Trustee."



Percy Gunarathna

Head of Operations - Sri Lanka

Mr Percy has worked with TFT for over 15 years, attending international alternative childcare conferences, is also a highly respected businessman and Justice of the Peace in Sri Lanka and is responsible for the smooth running, management and development of TFT Projects in the Southern Province and Countrywide.

His limitless generosity of spirit has no bounds and he is an invaluable asset to TFT and all our 36 staff and 4000 beneficiaries. 



Buddhini Athukorala

National Advocacy Manager & Safeguarding Lead

Sri Lanka

I began to work with international organizations since 2015 and I served international nongovernmental organisations as an advocacy manager.  I have sound knowledge of advocacy on child rights and alternative care in Srilanka.  I believe in empowering the most vulnerable families so that we can prevent children from being institutionalised and they can grow into independent adults who can face life challenges with courage and not become victims of their backgrounds.



Simon Jackman

Chair of Trustees &

Safeguarding Lead

Simon has had experience in the charity sector for nearly 30 years but also for many years as an Independent Monitor for Prisons at HMP The Mount in Hertfordshire.  In 2000 he won The UK Fundraising Manager of the year award while at Hope for Children (HOPE) where he later became Chief Executive, establishing the organization as an international charity with support including from Comic Relief and Sports Relief.  HOPE’s main country was Sri Lanka.

"I am thrilled to be involved with such an amazing charity as Their Future Today doing such extraordinary things on the island."

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Dee Gibson


Born and bred in London, Dee's Sri Lankan roots have always run deep. The island has the accolade of Lonely Planet 2019 country to visit and was shocked that still to this day, beneath the surface, is a lost demographic of people who simply cannot support themselves. Dee is a great believer in empowering young people, especially girls so that they can grow into independent adults who can face life challenges with courage and not become victims of their backgrounds.


"TFT is a fantastic charity making strides not just to offer disaster relief but to educate and transform in order to achieve this goal, I am proud to be part of a charity with this approach and will be an active participant in bringing about change."

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Lois Lindley

Trustee - Treasurer

Lois Lindley is a London based Chartered Accountant after qualifying from The University of Manchester with a Chemistry degree. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, sport and spending time with friends and family.

"I remember a very long time ago watching a documentary about the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and its detrimental impact and thinking to myself that as soon as I finished University I wanted to spend time there volunteering and trying to make a difference.


In 2013 that dream became a reality as I spent four weeks volunteering in orphanages in Sri Lanka. I was overwhelmed and saddened by the conditions and experiences the children faced there and had in my mind I wanted to come back or do something further to help the children of Sri Lanka.


In 2018, I was keen to find a voluntary post and could not believe it when I came across TFT, an organisation looking to bring change and bring children outside of these orphanages and into loving homes. I knew I wanted to be a part of TFT at the outset."

Lynn was appointed Ambassador for Children, Sri Lanka by Hope for Children In May 2009.


Finalist Vodafone World of Difference International in September 2009 out of over 2000 applicants


Runner up

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Woman of the Year 2014

in association with YOU magazine.

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