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TFT is giving a voice to institutionalised children

who survive alone and afraid and are denied access to their basic human rights of love and education.

Senehasa institution houses 100 young girls from 10 years old, some who are mothers, have suffered rape, abuse, and rejection from their families. They are locked up for punishment and protection and released at 18 years old with little or no education or self worth. This project creates the gift of life skills and qualifications to build better futures.

Many institutionalised girls, are separated from their babies, deprived of education, privacy and freedom. When they reach 18 years old they are released into the outside world without life skills, and often resort to prostitution, crime and suicide. Their babies also become institutionalised and are denied their basic needs of love, education and identity which creates a perpetual cycle of poverty resulting in further child abandonment.

Their Future Today has built a Bakery classroom and library to enable education and vocational training to include sewing, computing, and English lessons. Art therapy classes facilitate self expression, build self esteem, confidence and emotional support. This improves their skills to find employment in the community, the chance to be reunited with their babies and remove them from damaging institutionalised care.

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