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Payroll Giving

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What is Payroll Giving?

Simple and tax-free, Payroll Giving is an effective way to support charities directly through your salary. It's also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE).

Payroll Giving is a simple way to make a regular donation to Their Future Today straight from your salary.

Every time you're paid, your payroll department will deduct the agreed amount from your salary – you don’t need to do anything else.

Payroll Giving is one of the most tax-effective ways of giving to charity, because your donation is deducted from your gross pay before tax. So, if you agree to give £5, as a basic rate taxpayer you’ll only pay £4 – the taxman makes up the remaining £1. If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you’ll pay £3 and the taxman will make up the remaining £2.

Benefits of payroll giving for employees

You're making a difference

Your regular donations provide your chosen charity with reliable support. Meaning we can we can focus on the important stuff.

You can spread the support

Support one or multiple causes that mean something to you.

Effortless giving

It's easy to set up and the donation is automatically taken from your gross income every month.

Benefits of payroll giving for employers

Listening to your workforce

Payroll Giving scheme showcases your support for Their Future Today and the other great causes your staff care about.

Improving staff morale

Focusing on Corporate social responsibility has been proven to promote a positive feeling among staff.


Hassle-free giving

It's easy to set up and manage with minimal admin and set-up fees.

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