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Thank you as always for your continued support, which is directly helping to keep poor rural families healthy, fed, educated, and together in Sri Lanka.

If you tune in to the London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October, please give a thought and a shout out to our committed Trustee and Treasurer, Lois Lindley, who will courageously be joining thousands of runners in our first awarded Their Future Today place to finally join the big charities and her first 26-mile challenge.

Novice Lois said she is " a bit excited and a bit nervous", as her punishing training schedule has meant knee supports, tape and prescription painkillers, but she is determined to push through knowing that the funds she raises will help support desperate families in Sri Lanka, who are without income due to strict Covid-19 lockdowns and are unable to put food on the table for their children.

"I was inspired to join this charity having spent a month in Sri Lanka in 2013 and seeing first-hand the absolutely shocking conditions that children can live their whole lives in orphanages, and TFT is providing the solutions to keep children at home where they belong."

If you have sponsored Lois already, thank you so much...

If not, please consider a donation to make Lois's amazing efforts even more worthwhile, and help her to reach her target.

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