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Their Future Today's Sapphire Ball coming soon!

It's the final countdown... and after two and a half years, we are excitedly looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming to the Sapphire Ball, including Her Excellency Saroja Sirisena, High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, and other distinguished guests.

We will be celebrating our new partnership with Hampton Court House, and the success of our programmes during the pandemic to improve the lives of institutionalised children and families in marginalised communities.

Despite the odds, at the same time we have made great strides in pushing forward with our aims to end institutionalisation, having directly influenced the first National Alternative Family Care Policy for Children, which in turn has significantly advanced the planned introduction of the first foster care programme in Sri Lanka.

This is all thanks to our incredible family of supporters, and it all started at magical Hampton Court House!

Our work has now become even more vital as the economic crisis has meant many families are suffering the worst possible pain of starvation, fathers are desperately looking for work, mothers are putting their babies to bed hungry, and many malnourished children are fainting at school through hunger.

Thousands of children are now at risk of family separation and child trafficking.

Families who were already struggling below the poverty line long before Covid19 are unable to afford essential items like milk powder, rice, dhal, fuel, and gas which are now four times the price, and the situation is becoming increasingly worrying and serious.

We're extremely grateful to everyone who has kindly donated amazingly generous and exciting experiences, luxury holidays and incredible money can't buy prizes which will directly help to change the lives of those in most urgent need of help.

Through the wonders of our donated EMMA technology, we are able to invite all of our supporters to join the bidding for items on the night of our silent auction, so please put 29th September in your diary now, and together we can keep children educated, safe and fed in families, and prevent hunger to save lives.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

More info coming soon...

Loving kindness

Lynn, Joel, and Team TFT

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