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We're so excited to be finalists in the Charity Film Awards, and will be heading off to Leicester Square on 21st March 2023 where we have the chance of winning the coveted People's Choice Award if you vote for us again!

This isn't just about winning (which would be great)... it's about having the opportunity to raise awareness about the unseen plight of millions of forgotten children without a voice, who are living in inhumane conditions in underfunded orphanages, deprived of love, education and basic care.

Many countries do not understand the concept of foster care, and our training film for Sri Lanka which can be subtitled into different languages is based on the true story of our patron Richard Farleigh.

We aim to distinguish the difference between family/kinship care, adoption and foster care to create better understanding and awareness, and eventually the system change which is advocated by the United Nations.

Please vote and forward this to everyone you know and give your voice to help a child find a family today. #randomactofkindnessday #childrenbelonginfamilies #familiesnotorphanages #cfa23 #charityfilmawards #fostercare #charityfilm


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