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Our Book Ceremony for the children of 2018

On 30th December 2017, your generous donations helped us to donate schoolbooks to 2280 children in a wonderful ceremony to enable their education. An additional 280 requests were received from families living below the poverty line who travelled from outside the area to beg for the chance of an education for their children and grandchildren. It's difficult to put into words their utmost gratitude and appreciation for something we naturally take for granted. Kandy dancers followed by TFT under 5’s Preschool children opened the ceremony with a truly wonderful cultural dance, followed by beautiful professional cultural dancers.

To promote our Alternative Family Care campaign of Families First, Orphanages Last, TFT and the National Childcare Protection Authority came up with a Street Drama idea earlier in December. The impressive NCPA Street Drama group gave an entertaining and thought-provoking performance to around 4000 people to describe the heartache of living in an orphanage and resulted in a happy ending when a kind and loving family offered a home to the young girl. This is now being performed in villages throughout Sri Lanka, to give more children the chance to grow up in a loving family, rather than orphanages.

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