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You Gave, They Ran, We Delivered - Autumn Newsletter

Dear friends and supporters,

After almost two years of Covid-19 pandemic disruption, 62.5% of the population in Sri Lanka are now fully vaccinated. At last, the country is now open and ready to warmly welcome tourists which will reignite employment, and help strengthen the countries failing economy.

Over two million children worldwide have lost caregivers to Covid19. The solution for governments in poor countries is to place innocent children into harmful orphanages, where they face the heartbreaking trauma of separation from their families. With an alternative family and foster care strategy, we know that it doesn't have to be that way.

Helping to strengthen and sustain families to bring and keep them together is at the heart of our work - we have been blown away by your kindness and generosity to raise an incredible £7332.12, which has enabled us to nourish 366vulnerable rural families, including 100 pregnant women and new mothers. Some of these women have lost their husbands, others were at home suffering malnutrition, high blood pressure and had difficulties breastfeeding.

This equates to an additional92,232 meals, making a total number of 393,000 meals provided since the beginning of the pandemic.

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