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Baby Bini has been adopted!

Baby in a crib

We’re so happy to share wonderful news that baby Bini* (not real name) is the first baby to be adopted from Ruhunu orphanage since before the pandemic, which is entirely thanks to Mr Percy’s perseverance and excellent relationships with the local commissioner and childcare services.

Ruwan 41, and his wife Tharushi 39, had their greatest wish come true after they contacted Mr Percy in desperation last year. They’ve been happily married for 11 years and due to fertility challenges in 2017 they decided to start the long adoption process. They said their hearts were ready to embrace a child in need of a family. However, adoptions came to a complete standstill when the Covid19 pandemic began (while numbers of abandoned children rose by almost 50%.) They asked for help to speed up the process, as they knew other families had been waiting years longer than them.

Tharushi said “thanks to the efforts of Mr Percy Gunarathne, Country Director, Their Future Today Organization, who played a crucial role, things changed. They had several discussions with the people in charge at the Ruhunu Orphanage, including the Matron and Probation Commissioner. Together, they worked to make sure that the child who was meant for our family would be placed with us for adoption.

Ruwan and Tharushi wrote ‘We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Percy Gunarathna, Country Director, TFT for his tireless dedication to this matter. His unwavering efforts have brought hope to fulfilment, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity he has provided us.’

Bini will now have the chance to see the sunrise in her beautiful country, feel the rain on her face and experience love, care and life outside the boundary walls for the very first time, and we are so proud of Mr Percy for kickstarting adoption, giving children their future today in a family, and making miracles happen.

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