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Gabby's support for TFT goes back over a decade, on 26th December 2004, he was in Sri Lanka holidaying with the family when the tsunami hit which left over 23,000 people dead or missing and another 2 million homeless across 11 countries.

"Our friend Lynn Stanier, who at that time specialised in arranging sports tours and holidays in Sri Lanka set up TFT in response to the devastation caused by the Tsunami. Large numbers of children were left orphaned or abandoned in already underfunded and overcrowded state-run institutions, helped by her family, clients, and supporters, she has spent the last ten years raising funds and implementing change directly at a grassroots level with the Sri Lankan partners and colleagues where children will feel the most benefit. The “Bucks” have been back to see what great work this charity has done both at a local and governmental level. It’s truly remarkable what can be achieved when people decide to do something. If you can sponsor TFT that would be great."

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