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Poor and desperate family of three

Poor and desperately sad mother Gamage with her three children Danushka (11yrs), Kavishka (7yrs),Tharindiya (5yrs) arrived in tears at our TFT office. She wanted help to put her children in orphanages as she has no means to look after them let alone send them to school. There is no welfare state.

They were referred to us by a Probation officer who came to our recent training and learnt about the emotional and physical damage caused to children in institutionalised care and how TFT works in preventing child abandonment.

All it takes is a few generous people to make a small donation of £5 per month which will help provide food and shelter and give these children a life they deserve together, instead of a life sentence of separation and loneliness in an institution where their hair and identity will be taken away.

We want to keep this loving family together, and improve their terrible housing conditions (see below) and ensure Gamage receives the help she needs to become sustainable and enable the children to receive an education.

If you would like to sponsor this family to directly change their lives and receive updates please do let us know.

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