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Vote, share and shout for us in the Charity Film Awards!

We're very excited to share the news that we've been accepted into the prestigious Charity Film Awards, the world's biggest campaign to promote cause-based films which have reached 500 million people around the world.

Please watch and vote for our shortened animated Alternative Family and Foster Care training film, 'My Life in Foster Care,' based on the true story of our patron and former BBC Dragon's Den investor (and nicest dragon) Richard Farleigh.

Their Future Today has been working for many years to provide solutions to end the institutionalisation of children in Sri Lanka, and foster care is a vital component which is currently unknown there and is often confused with family/kinship care and adoption.

The full version film which can also be translated into other languages, will be used for advocacy work and training purposes to provide knowledge and understanding to National Childcare Services, judiciary, faith groups, NGO's, schools and universities, as well as local communities to encourage and gain interest from prospective foster parents, who really are absolute heroes of our society.

The introduction of a national foster care system has never been more needed, as the worsening humanitarian crisis situation is now described as 'terrifying,' and many vulnerable families cannot afford to put food on their table.

We're working hard to provide nutritional emergency food supplies to keep families together, but rising numbers of parents have no other choice than to make the heartbreaking decision of abandoning the children they love in orphanages, unaware of the life long trauma which they will suffer through family separation.

Worse still we know children are now also going hungry in these institutions because of high inflation and reduced funding.

A well managed and supported foster care system will give every child the opportunity to grow up in a safe loving family, and end the harmful institutionalisation of children forever.

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