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The Legacy of Small Actions for Big Impact!

Sri Lanka’s children are facing an uncertain future with only 1.1m schoolchildren out of 4.3m receiving school meals. The ongoing economic crisis is continuing to disproportionately impact the lives of children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds with 57% of the poorest students experiencing learning loss. High food prices are out of reach for many families and this is causing a barrier to school attendance with many children missing school due to hunger, and schools are asking to keep hungry and weak children at home. As consequence there continues to be a rising number of children being separated from their families, and left neglected, hungry and traumatised in orphanages. Thanks to our supporters we are helping to keep many vulnerable families together, but we are struggling to keep up with the demand and urgently need more small regular donations to help us keep up this vital work.

My wonderful dad sadly passed away 52 days ago. Not only was he our first ever supporter and regular donor who believed passionately in family life, he was the most loving, positive, supportive, good spirited and wisest man you could ever wish to meet. In his 90’s he joined in lessons at our preschool, visited the babies in the orphanage when we checked out standards, and still participated in handing out 3000+ school book packs in 40 degree heat for several hours during our annual book giving ceremonies. We calculated that over the past 18 years with a donation of just £5 per month, he enabled 102 children to go to school and receive an education, and I know he would have loved that and been so proud of his legacy.

Imagine, if everyone who reads this donated just £5 per month, we could continue to fund and feed 3000 children! Thank you for being part of our journey to end the era of orphanages in Sri Lanka. Your support during these challenging times for all is appreciated more than ever, and we hope you enjoy reading our positive stories and may possibly even consider your own legacy today. Loving kindness Lynn, Joel and Team TFT


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