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Sponsor Helen and give disadvantaged children a brighter future

Our good friend and professional teacher volunteer Helen Blizard has generously stepped up to the challenge and will be cycling with thousands of others around the UK in the My Prudential Ride London FreeCycle, to raise much-needed funds and help support drastically increased numbers of abandoned babies in Sri Lanka.


Since the Coronavirus pandemic, many more desperate new mums in Sri Lanka are having to make heartbreaking decisions and abandoning their babies in places which are often unsafe. In response, the National Childcare Protection Authority has set up separate wards in nine major hospitals around the country for rejected babies.

These tiny newborns will then join thousands of children who exist alone in bleak state institutions, growing up without knowing what it means to love or be loved, and deprived of their most basic needs, including sunshine and fresh air. 

Soon their crying will stop as no-one will come, they will rock silently until their eyes close, and they will wake up and be called by different names.

They will grow up never having a hand to hold, and many will stay in institutions deprived of education until they reach 18 years old.

Your donation, no matter how small, can be life-changing in Sri Lanka.

By supporting Helen you will be helping us to support new mothers and babies in our mission to keep children in families and out of orphanages.

We know these are tough times for everyone, but if you can spare anything at all, it would be so gratefully appreciated and make Helen's efforts in the strong winds worthwhile!



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