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Special Thanks to Wimbledon High School and Inspire Worldwide

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the girls from Wimbledon High School GDST and Inspire Worldwide for the memories of shared poetry, the songs, the dancing, the laughter and love, which have left 100 disadvantaged girls with hope, aspirations, dreams for the future.

The time is now to give these children a voice and shout loudly.

We just can’t say thank you enough for all your amazing hard work and efforts as part of the first Inspire Worldwide Girls 4 Girls programme in Sri Lanka. The first of its kind to work intensely behind the walls of two state-run children’s institutions.

Your fundraising efforts raised £11,516 which has enabled us to get:

- Ventilate and install all of the bakery equipment - Employ a bakery teacher for two years - Art canvas, paper, paints and brushes for art therapy - Resources for jewellery and bracelet making - Paints necessary to improve the main room for the babies. (Thanks to your hard work and great effort, it is now so much cheerier, cleaner and brighter with character murals and educational drawings.) - Wall paints and decoration for a baby massage and physio room which was allocated after our ‘Raising standards’ training. (This gives a calm and quiet space for one to one treatment, away from the noise and hot sun). - A sports coach for the girls - Sanitary aid - A fund to provide income generating equipment for girls leaving at 18 years old to help them become sustainable.

You all left behind a wonderful lasting legacy of a Bakery, which will not only provide life skills and vocational training to be enjoyed by 100 disadvantaged girls, but also the little ones next door, who will benefit greatly from chewing bread (not eaten before) which will help develop mouth muscles and improve their speech, one of the biggest problems there.

A little goes a long way in Sri Lanka, but the legacy you all left behind is far greater than money could ever buy.

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