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Today is Giving Tuesday and we are in desperate need of help to give a lifeline to a grieving TFT family.

Like all newlyweds, Duglas and Pryantha had great hopes and dreams for their future. They were blessed with two seemingly healthy and beautiful daughters Wasana and Gayathri. Their world turned upside down when they learnt that both girls were seriously disabled, unable to speak and epileptic.

Duglas had to give up his vocation as a talented cement artist to help his wife look after the girls, and TFT helped support this loving family to keep them together.

Neither girls could walk until Mr Percy constructed two walking poles in the garden and recently Wasana 13 years old became mobile. This meant that Duglas no longer needed to carry her around all day, and could resume working, and TFT helped him to set up his business again.

Everything was going really well. A generous donor recently provided funds to mend their leaking roof and they were very happy.

A few days ago tragedy struck when Duglas suddenly died, and their world has been turned upside down again.

Social Services want to take the girls to a dire institution not fit for purpose, which will break Pryantha’s heart, and we cannot let that happen.

TFT has stepped in and employed live-in carers to help Pryantha keep her daughters at home, but we need to raise £150 per month to provide the support they need.

Please help us to help them and be as generous as you can on Giving Tuesday, as children belong in loving families, not orphanages.

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