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Going the extra mile for Sri Lanka

Dear friends and supporters

Sri Lanka is completely bankrupt. People are suffering malnutrition and starvation and up until a few days ago there had been little news of this most serious humanitarian crisis. After desperate pleas to BBC Asia over the past few weeks begging them to report on the suffering of people and not just the politics, we have finally seen a long overdue report on BBC News at Ten.

It's been very difficult to engage support for a cause which hardly anyone is aware of and we can't thank you enough for helping to raise a magnificent £8,563 which is making a real difference to nourish starving children and their families who can no longer access even the basics of life.An additional 200 emergency food parcels equating to 25,200 meals have been delivered to the homes of the most vulnerable and sick families. Local distributions are now deemed unsafe with large groups of desperate people begging for food. The large crowds are too difficult and emotionally and physically challenging for our staff to manage.

Every day we are inundated with desperate requests which are overwhelming and heartbreaking, and to say our work has never been so needed or vital is an understatement.

It is estimated that-

"3m undernourished Sri Lankans are at risk of famine by September 2022".

- World Food Programme.

Our Sri Lanka team continues to work harder than ever to ensure the survival of many of their people, and the more support we receive, the more we can give at this critical time.

Read on to see some of the difference your donations are directly making to vulnerable lives and PLEASE do spread the word as international financial aid and support are slow in coming, and lives are at stake.

Heartfelt thanks as always for your continued support,


Lynn, Joel and Team TFT.

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