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Be realistic. Believe in miracles - and dreams will come true.

With special thanks to the Peter Cundill Foundation, and your unwavering belief and continued support, Lynn Stanier MBE, Founder & Chief Executive of Their Future Today, is delighted to announce news of the first "Alternative Care Policy for Children in Sri Lanka" approved by Sri Lankan Cabinet Ministers (See below Document Bo51). Their Future Today is proud to have played an integral part to achieve this new government-approved Alternative Care Policy, which is hugely significant, and will be the turning point to see an end to the era of orphanages and change thousands of institutionalised children's lives for the better, and most importantly, keep children at home in families forever.

We are grateful to you, and all of our loyal TFT supporters, many of whom have shared our journey since 2005 when we experienced first-hand the injustice, indignity and neglect which affects thousands of children in orphanages in Sri Lanka and millions more around the world. It seems incredulous that more than 100 years on in a civilised world when the first campaigns to close orphanages began, these forgotten children still face the risk of abuse every day and suffer heart-breaking emotional trauma, caused by abandonment and parental separation.

While advocating for this systemic change, with your help we have continued to transform institutions, reunite children in orphanages, and strengthen families to prevent abandonment, as well as provide education, vocational training, pro-bono lawyering, a helpline, and access to justice for mothers of children in orphanages and safe shelter to abused women and girls.

Our foster care implementation and livelihood programmes to help rebuild lives post-pandemic in 2022 will be key to keeping families together, and we send our deepest thanks for being our partner in the change we want to see in the world.

We cannot do it without you.


Lynn Joel & Team TFT

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