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Working in Sri Lanka to Achieve Lasting Change

Since 2005, Their Future Today has helped over 16,000 children and families in their communities. We work to prevent family separation, reunite families, provide education and improve the system to put families first.


Since 2005, Their Future Today has helped over 16,000 children and families.


We work at a grassroots level to improve social and health care while providing education and vocational training for institutionalized and disadvantaged children. We reunite abandoned children with safe families and support them until self-sufficient. Our inclusive work with disabled children is preventing abandonment in the community and we are creating a recognized model to help overcome stigmas to give every forgotten child their right to a family, their right to an education and their right to life.



School books donations
Orphanage physio
Lynn family visit

3000 Children in poor families receive schoolbooks annually since 2006, enabling them to go to school to change the cycle of poverty for future generations

100 Children from the Deaf School in Galle received school books in 2019

100 Institutionalised young people receive vocational training in IT & Sewing annually since 2011.


80 Young adults and children earned qualifications in IT & Sewing in 2018

100 Abused and disadvantaged girls are learning Baking skills in the TFT Bakery project.


15 Institutionalized girls received training in childcare, health, and nutrition. 


27 Law students received training in 'Alternative Family Based Care'.


85 children benefit from affordable early learning development of excellence at TFT International Preschool which opened in 2015 in a poor rural community.


20 TFT Housemothers received accreditation certificates in attachment, nutrition, health, massage and well-being.

100 Institutionalised abused and disadvantaged girls receive art, drama and music therapy sessions annually.


4​ children benefit from subsidised pre-school places.

350 disabled children benefit from one  Braille machine 

3 different schools will benefit from Braille machine donation to a Blind teacher at the Women's Development Centre in Kandy 

A 7 year old child who was blinded and orphaned  after the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday, has received a Braille machine

20 Carers are employed to raise standards of

health & care in an orphanage.

85 Abandoned babies and children under 5 are receiving quality care to prepare for their reunification into their own families or for foster families.

1 Orphanage Preschool has been set up to ensure abandoned children receive early learning development to develop vital brain neurons.  

1 Physiotherapist and speech therapist is employed to benefit 12 children who can now stand, walk, run, jump, speak, and count.

300 Social and probation workers were trained by TFT global partners in 'Family and Foster Care Alternatives'.

100 Children in an institution received 20 bags of cricket equipment so they could finally play cricket.

30 High Court Judges attended 'Family and Foster Care Alternatives'  Training Conference.

1 Abused and disadvantaged girls institution received a  bakery and  equipment


 1 Outdoor classroom was built in an institution to benefit 100 disadvantaged girls


Alternative Family and Foster Care Training was delivered to key staff at the Women’s Development Centre in Kandy.

100 abandoned boys and girls benefit from a library and classroom which was built in a mixed orphanage for up to 18 years 

30 Girls benefit from a new dormitory, showers and toilets in an institution

13 Children in 6 families were reunited or directly prevented from abandonment and supported with housing, emergency supplies and education.

Three Families became fully self-sufficient with income generation equipment.

100 Families affected by flooding received emergency food, water and clothing.

170 Parents attended TFT workshops on health, nutrition and child protection.

250 Villagers enjoyed our 'Bringing Communities Together' New Year Festival.

3 TFT houses built with clean water and electricity for homeless families

20 Mothers attended Income Generation and financial management workshops to empower mothers of vulnerable children and those in orphanages.

3 Houses were renovated and roofs repaired to ensure clean water and child safety

3 Disabled children in rural areas were given wheelchairs 

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