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The Future



TFT is  collaborating with global specialist partners to provide training to National Childcare and Probation Services, the judiciary, political leaders, civil society organizations, faith groups, universities and local communities, in the strategies and solutions of ‘Deinstitutionalisation – and Family and Foster Care Alternatives.'  to build families, not orphanages.


TFT is working with International Foster Care Practitioners to introduce an understanding of non-kinship care.


Introducing new Guidelines to raise standards of good practice in State Children's Institutions and implementing systems for child reunification.


Supporting disadvantaged families in the community to prevent abandonment


Providing education and vocational training to change the cycle of poverty


Their Future Today strives to turn each and every forgotten child's story in a happy ending. Each step we take may be small - but it is measured, supported and implemented with love and care in the knowledge that we are sustaining our mission of offering a future to those that had none.

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