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Thanks to you TFT is continuing to provide a Covid-19 lifeline that vulnerable families in Sri Lanka urgently need right now, and we are blown away by your generosity to help keep families healthy, together, and fed. Our recent appeal has so far raised £3421.25 to provide hand hygiene supplies and an additional 300 food parcels which equate to 37,800 essential and nutritious meals for those most in need. In the poorest rural communities where we work, life couldn't be more challenging. Livelihoods have been shattered by the pandemic, inflation is rising, food prices are escalating, there's a scarcity of crops as a result of fertilizer shortage, and the entire fishing industry has been severely disrupted due to the chemical fire and subsequent sinking of Singapore flagged container ship, X-press Pearl, in June, which has released hazardous substances into the ecosystem and caused Sri Lanka's worst marine environmental disaster.

The Daily Mirror reported that daily-wage earners from Ratnapura, an isolated village, have taken to the streets in protest, asking for government support as they have lost their income and are unable to feed their children. “Our children are crying for food. That’s why we took to the street today. We will adhere to health guidelines and quarantine at home, if we are provided with relief provided by the government” one protester said. In these times of unprecedented crisis for some of the world's poorest, we cannot ignore hunger. Every contribution you make is truly making a direct and positive impact on people's lives. Most importantly is helping to keep children at home where they belong, and out of orphanages. We cannot do anything without you. Many thanks again. Loving-kindness Lynn, Joel & Team TFT

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