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Thanks to our supporters we are playing a vital role in Ruhuna Orphanage to provide better care for special needs babies in Sri Lanka. We are supporting them in numerous ways.

Recently, our TFT Physiotherapist recommended we provide 4 wheeled wooden push carts to children aged between 1 to 3 years old as most of the kids have shown low level of physical growth. Even their muscles aren’t strong enough to do the age appropriate movements, and most of the children show delay walking according to their age. He asked us to provide weighty and stable special push carts. Through a local carpenter, our team specially designed walking carts and made them in wood to be weighty and durable and with 4 wheels to be more stable.

It is lovely to see those little toddlers now standing and walking supported by these pushcarts. Sometimes they store some toys in the carts and pull them here and there. Most of the boys drive them around saying “bruuum bruuum”.

While we work towards finding families for these children, please help us by making a small donation to provide them with the therapies and resources they so badly need.

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