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As a baby Amaya was infected by a germ

Amaya is now 6 years old and due to this infection, she has become obese and has autoimmune issues which means she gets sick regularly. She needs to be taken to the doctor regularly for medication, and also need to use adult diapers, as well as a special milk which has created a financial struggle in the family. Amaya is also unable to speak or see but she can hear when others speak to her. Her mother Maduka is 28 years old and the father Nilusha is 32 years old. They also have another one-year-old child.

Many of the relatives and neighbours advised the parents to hand over the child to an orphanage but they love her and don’t want to do it, what they say is, having their child along with them makes them happy even though they face lots of problems. TFT has donated a specially made wheelchair to enable the family to leave the house, and are giving some financial support to keep the family together.

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