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Thank you for the generous donations to our Crowdfunder

Hello Supporters

Thanks to your generous donations on the GlobalGiving campaign we have now built the classroom and have ordered desks and chairs. We are hoping for the next update to have raised enough funds for a qualified English teacher.

We are providing sewing classes within the facility, and the teachers are training the girls in embroidery and dressmaking.

Our wonderful professional teacher and volunteer Helen Blizard has created magic with art therapy sessions and everyone really enjoyed painting on canvas for the first time.

Helen also held singing and music classes. Here is their song, which brought tears to our eyes.…/0BxauOwTM56bMaWpsbWJMeUJVU2c/view

We are still in need of more donations to create the library, as well as books and the resources necessary for teaching English and IT skills.

Please share our campaign with friends and family to help us continue building better lives for institutionalised young girls to empower their dreams and give them their future, today.

Best wishes


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