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My day in Sri Lanka.

From experiencing the joy and laughter at TFT International Preschool, where disadvantaged rural children are benefitting from our English classes, early learning of excellence and the promise of continued education, to the stark contrast in an institution which we have improved but is still overflowing with terrified, screaming, rocking urine soaked babies, whose most urgent need is a hug, to love and be loved and a family home.

With our new proposed childcare guidelines, an introduction to foster care and a will for change, there is now hope for all children to experience the joy, laughter and freedom, which even George and Mildred can enjoy, when spotted a bit later. There's nothing quite like a picnic and a paddle with a friend, whatever skin you're in!

#picnicsandpaddlesforeverychild #givinghope #donatenow#supporttheirfuturetoday #loveforeverychild#childrenneedfamiliesnotinstitutions

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