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Today we think of the people of Sri Lanka as floods leave half a million people displaced

Today we are thinking of the people of Sri Lanka as they face more adversity with terrible flash floods over the past couple of days, which is affecting 500,000 people in 14 out of 25 districts on the island.

The death toll is rising and many are still missing. Communication is difficult, main roads are flooded, there is limited public transport, lack of food supplies and no electricity or clean water in many areas

The babies in the orphanage are safe, but the government workers, some who live far away are presently either unaccounted for or missing. Thankfully all nine of our dedicated TFT housemothers have managed to get to work, and are now working round the clock to care for 87 children, 50 under 3 years between them, not even knowing whether they will be paid for the extra hours. They will.

Please help us if you can and make a small donation

This will enable us to respond to emergency needs in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you so much.


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