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Indika House, making a house a home.

Thanks to TFT supporters we have very nearly completed a little brick house for single father Indika and his three children. He said it was the worst day of his life when he had no other choice than to abandon Senaka (3yrs) and Saluni (2yrs) in an institution as he had to work to support his older daughter Nirvini (10yrs). It was also their happiest day when the family were reunited and supported by TFT last year.

Although they own no possessions they recognise the greatest gift of being together and for the first time will experience clean water, electricity and a roof which doesn't leak.

They are so excited and their joy is so immense it's difficult to put into words.

Could you please consider giving a small donation to help us buy beds and essentials to make this house a home for Christmas?

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