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Chaminda's Story Cont.

There is no present like the time and Chaminda and his beautiful growing family really appreciate TFT visits in their most basic of homes in the rural jungle area.

Our support not only helps feed the family but also enables the children to go to school.

Chaminda had spent two painful years in bed after he was paralysed and the family were barely surviving without water or electricity. We gave them clean water, built a shower and a toilet, arranged hospital visits, and a change of medication eased the pain. TFT supporter Jeremy Fisher bought a specialised wheelchair and Chaminda said he is even happier because his son is now strong enough to take him outside.

A once hardworking loving couple whose dreams were shattered in a moment. It would be unimaginable for this family to be separated and we are so grateful to you for helping us continue giving much needed support.

Thank you.

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