TFT is committed to reuniting children who have been abandoned through poverty with their families, and we are working with National Childcare services to identify children in the institution with potential family relationships, then seek out the parent or relative to assess their needs.

Where safe and possible we assist with re-adoption through the courts, establish the children in local schools, and provide housing and support until the reunited family can reach self-sufficiency and independence through income generation training.



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Supporting families at risk

In our ongoing drive to prevent children being abandoned to Institutions and Orphanages, we identify families at risk in the community and work closely to support them with medical care; provision of required therapies for either parents or children; provision of education and tools.  More importantly, following assessment, we look to implement an income generation project or provide a job opportunity in order that the family can become self-sufficient and independent in the long term.


Our Pre-School provision offers both single-parent families and those where both parents need to work, care and education to their small children at an affordable price and in some cases free.  

By ensuring that their children are in a safe learning environment they are able to work and support themselves.

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Chandini's Story

Homeless and unemployed, Chandini came to the orphanage in desperation. She felt there were no other options than to abandon her little boy. She was heartbroken. One of our TFT housemothers introduced her to Mr Percy, and we employed her as a housemother at the orphanage to provide an income, and created a mother and baby room temporarily until we found a permanent home. They are now happily reunited and Chandini has received a sewing machine to become sustainable.