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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

After years of planning, and with your continued support, on 1st June 2019, TFT held a successful and ground breaking ' Alternative Family Care and Foster Care Conference' for 30 Sri Lankan Judges from across the country, to share global knowledge about the harm caused to children in orphanages.

Many Judges said as a result, they felt empowered to explore other options to keep children in families wherever possible, and consider orphanages only as a last resort. This is the beginning of real social change and we very much appreciate your help in making this happen.

Huge thanks to the Australian High Commission and Australia Awards, Marini De Livera, TFT pro bono lawyer and former Chairperson of National Childcare Protection Authority, Jayantha Jurasuriya, The Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, Vasundhra Managing Director, Centre of Excellence in Alternative Care of Children, Ms Dushmanthi Fernando TFT Programme Development Manager, and the Conference events team at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

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