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Most children in orphanages have families. Families who simply need a little help to keep them together.


Thanks to Their Future Today thousands of children are in school and dozens have been helped by preventing families from separating and reuniting those that have.


We improve opportunities for children by ensuring their education and by helping to keep their families together. We reunite children abandoned through poverty with their own families or find them foster families, as well as helping to raise standards in children's institutions.

through income generation strengthening, empowerment, education, vocational training and family support to help eradicate abandonment through poverty for future generations.

Their Future Today

works holistically towards improving care and conditions for children while they are in orphanages


We bring and keep families together and introduce Alternative Family Care solutions so that one day


All children will have the right to grow up in a family, and no child will be left behind.




We are successfully 


reunites children and strengthens families to become sustainable and prevent abandonment 

 for  Every child deserves the right to grow up in a safe and loving family.


Every child deserves Their Future Today

existing without love or basic care and nearly all have a family.


We reunite children in orphanages with their families or look for safe loving Alternative Family Care solutions so that no child gets left behind.

s a UK and Sri Lankan based charity working from the grassroots up to improve the lives of forgotten children in orphanages and families disadvantaged through poverty.

With your continued help, one day every child will have the right to grow up happily in a loving family and harmful orphanages will be eliminated for good. 

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2500 Children in poor families received books, enabling them to go to school annually.

100 Institutionalised young people received vocational training in IT & Sewing.

80 Young adults and children earned qualifications in IT & Sewing.


15 Institutionalised girls received training in child care, health, and nutrition. 

27 Law students received training in 'Alternative Family Based Care'.

One preschool was opened to accommodate the need for affordable quality preschooling for the rural community.

100 Institutionalised girls received art therapy sessions

Four children benefit from free pre-schooling places.

Three Braille machines were donated to a school for disabled children and to a blind teacher who works 3 different schools around the Southern Province in Sri Lanka.


20 Carers are employed to raise standards of

health & care in an orphanage.

85 Abandoned babies and children under 5 are receiving quality care to prepare for their reunification into their own families or foster families.

One orphanage preschool has been set up to ensure 30 young children get essential education.

One physiotherapist and speech therapist is employed. 

12 Severely disabled children now stand, walk, run, jump, speak, and count.

200 Social and probation workers were trained by TFT global partners in 'Family and Foster Care Alternatives'.

100 Children in an institution received 20 bags of cricket equipment so they could play cricket.

Three Children were given wheelchairs to support families who could not afford it.

45 Judges attended our 'Family and Foster Care Alternatives' conference.

One girls institution received bakery equipment and one new outdoor classroom.


13 Children in 6 families were reunited or directly prevented from abandonment and supported with housing, emergency supplies and education.

Three families became fully self-sufficient with income generation equipment.

100 Families affected by flooding received emergency food, water and clothing.

170 Parents attended our workshops on health, nutrition and child protection.

250 Villagers enjoyed our 'Bringing Communities Together' New Year Festival.

Two houses was built with clean water and electricity for a homeless family.

20 Mothers attended an Income Generation workshop to empower mothers of vulnerable children and those in orphanages.

Three houses were renovated to ensure clean water and child safety.

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Lois Lindley is a London based Chartered Accountant after qualifying from The University of Manchester with a Chemistry degree. In 2013 Lois spent four weeks volunteering in orphanages in Sri Lanka. She was overwhelmed and saddened by the conditions and experiences the children faced there and wanted to go back or do something further to help the children of Sri Lanka.



"In 2018, I was keen to find a voluntary post and could not believe it when I came across TFT, an organization looking to bring change and bring children outside of these orphanages and into loving homes. I knew I wanted to be a part of TFT at the outset."

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